Expert: Every 614 people out of 1,000 have a chance to receive pension at working age


January 28, Fineko/abc.az. Expert economist Rovshan Agayev has published statistics on people who were lucky enough to get the right to a pension in Azerbaijan in old age.

ABC.AZ reports that Agayev shared interesting and useful information about the pension.

He noted that the situation in Azerbaijan is quite different. Agayev stressed that, according to current statistics, out of 1,000 officially employed people in the country, 300 people who are officially considered to be working have the opportunity to retire by age: "But this figure differs significantly across the country's regions. For example, in Baku, between 1,000 and 614 people of working age, and in Jalilabad - 137 people are entitled to pension based on their salary and work experience as employees. The chances of getting an old-age pension in Baku with salary and work experience are 5-fold less than in Jalilabad. This difference arises from the ratio of employees to the official employment contract in total employment."

By Elmir Murad