President Ilham Aliyev urges employees to demand conclusion of an employment contract


February 4, Fineko/abc.az. The Azerbaijani president addressed to the employees and urged them to demand the conclusion of an employment contract.

ABC.AZ reports that at yesterday’s conference chaired by President Ilham Aliyev and dedicated to the results of the first year of the State Program of Socio-Economic Development of the Regions of Azerbaijan for 2019-23 the country’s leader, addressing to employees, urged them not to work without an employment contract.

"I know that in some cases you are forced. But know that if there is no employment contract, you’ll not be able to get a pension, medical insurance tomorrow," he underlined.

Then the president continued his speech: "Wealthy entrepreneurs, of course, must also realize their social responsibility. At the same time, they should not unreasonably reduce employees, because each reduced workplace leaves the family without bread. You can't agree to this. Look, the state is increasing the number of recipients of targeted social assistance. Despite the fact that poverty makes up 4.8%, there are no beggars on the streets in Azerbaijan, as in some cities around the world. Now look at the cities of developed countries, with thousands of homeless people in the capitals of the largest countries. They live either in booths, on benches, or in tents. We see it on TV. Do we have such a thing? No! Why? Because the state took care of citizens. Despite the fact that the number of unemployed and poor people is decreasing, I gave instructions to increase the number of recipients of TSA. To do this, new criteria must be applied so that there are no poor people in our country. If an entrepreneur wants to earn an extra 5 manats, he dismisses the person. This is inadmissible. If there are such facts, tell me, we’ll talk with those entrepreneurs in the required way."