SOCAR representative`s statement about petrol price cutting


February 7, Fineko/abc.az. SOCAR explained the questions relating to the reduction of gasoline prices and the abolition of the limit on natural gas.

ABC.AZ reports that Ibragim Akhmedov, deputy head of the SOCAR Department for Public Relations & Organization of Events, as a guest of TV channel OTV, said that the company he represents takes part in the discussions.

Akhmedov justified the matter of increasing prices for gasoline and natural gas: "The Tariff Council decides the issue of price growth. They also justify price increases. Why is the price rising or not falling? The explanation for this is that in Azerbaijan, as in other countries, the regulation of prices for these products is carried out directly by the state, and not by the market. In fact, if the government left it to the market's discretion, this price would be even higher. But is there a sustainable solution to this? A sustainable solution to that may be possible in the future. In principle, it would be possible to sell both gas and oil cheaper. But the processes being carried out today determine its price."