Rovnag Abdullayev: Number of Azerbaijanis studying in Georgian universities reaches 3,000


February 11, Fineko/abc.az. President Ilham Aliyev has set us the task of improving the living conditions of Azerbaijanis residing in Georgia.

ABC.AZ reports that the above-said statement was made by SOCAR president Rovnag Abdullayev at a meeting with members of the Association of Azerbaijani Businessmen in Tbilisi.

He noted that Azerbaijan not only implements business and investment projects in Georgia, but also supports the integration of local Azerbaijanis.

"If in previous years the number of local Azerbaijanis studying in Georgian universities reached 17, now the number of those students has reached 3,000," Abdullayev said.

According to the SOCAR president, this became possible thanks to SOCAR's support in training of these students: "Young professionals who study on a scholarship basis are currently actively involved not only in Georgian public life, but also in the political arena of the country. It is gratifying that among those young people was also the head of the Marneuli district, Zaur Dargalli."