Keep your business better connected with “My Business Wi-Fi” offerings from Azercell!


February 13, Fineko/abc.az.  Supporting the digital transfromation of  its clients Azercell Business is pleased to introduce the new “My Business Wi-Fi”  offering starting from February, 13. From now on with more affordable communication support corporate subscribers will be able to benefit  from  Wi-Fi USB or Mi-Fi modems.

With the help of  “My Business Wi-Fi” offerings, corporate clients will not only easily access the internet in any location without physical connection, but also share the internet via Wi-Fi to up to 10 devices. This flexible offer with different size of data packs for various users demands and possibility to switch between them makes it an ideal solution for Small, Medium and Individual enterprises

The advantage of the new offer is that by selecting one of the internet packages subscriber gets the device for free without any initial payment.   Wi-Fi USB modem is activated via USB port, whilst Mi-Fi device is able to work autonomously without plugging to any device or port. Another previledge of the campaign is flexibility to change from one pack to another during the subsequent 12 months.  

“My Business Wi-Fi” offerings price starts at 20 AZN, with range of  packs up too 200 GB.

Offering extensive range of products and solutions for businesses, including a newly launched “My Business Wi-Fi” offerings once again identifies Azercell Business as a reliable digital business partner.

Corporate customers may benefit from this opportunity offered by Azercell by sending their inquiries to the e-mail address: [email protected]

 For more information, please visit: https://www.azercell.com/en/corporate/


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