Amount of banks` loans given in Nakhchivan last year announced


February 19, Fineko/abc.az. The loans given by banks and credit organizations in Nakhchivan amounted to AZN 171.19 million as of 31 December 2019.

ABC.AZ reports that according to the Central Bank's office on Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, out of the above-said amount the short-term loans account for AZN 6.24 million and the long-term loans for AZN 164.95 million.

Out of the loans given, AZN 12.434 million were given for agriculture, AZN 10.945 million for the industrial sector, AZN 3.703 million for construction, AZN 6.289 million for mortgage loans in connection with real estate, AZN 105.3 million for other municipal, social and consumer loans.

8.7% of the given loans were invested in agriculture and 7.6% in the industrial sector.