Ecology Ministry offers to distribute trees to entrepreneurs


February 21, Fineko/abc.az. Employees of the Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources have held a press conference.

ABC.AZ reports that Mirsalam Gambarov, the head of the MENR State Expertise Department, said that they are ready to provide entrepreneurs with trees for landscaping in the courtyards of buildings under construction.

He noted that all environmental projects are accepted only after public hearings and discussions with interested parties. Gambarov noted that the Ministry also understands entrepreneurs, and does not want to delay their work: “As a result, old buildings are replaced with new ones, our city becomes even more beautiful. But there should be a comprehensive approach to this issue, not an individual one. Sometimes in the submitted projects, entrepreneurs hide that there are green spaces in the area where they want to start construction. If such a case is identified, this project will be rejected. The main thing for our Ministry is to protect trees and greenery."

By Elmir Murad