AzerGold announced about sale of gold for 3 years – over 173,000 ounces


February 24, Fineko/abc.az. AzerGold’s chairman Zakir Ibragimov held a press conference dedicated to the results of 2019 and upcoming tasks.

ABC.AZ reports that speaking about exports the gold producer’s chair said that the first time when Azerbaijan sold gold to international markets (103,000 ounces) took place in 2017.

According to Ibragimov, it is gratifying that this indicator was achieved at the expense of AzerGold.

"60,300 ounces of this volume of exports were exported by our company. Thus, AzerGold entered in history as the company that carried out the largest export of precious metals in the country during the year. As a whole, AzerGold raised about AZN 400 million to the country's economy for the last three years from the sale of more than 173,000 ounces of gold and 290,000 ounces of silver. In addition, as a result of those operations, taxes and duties in the amount of over AZN 30.6 million were paid to Azerbaijan’s budget," Ibragimov emphasized.