Azerigaz: Damage to gas sector exceeds AZN 6 million


February 24, Fineko/abc.az. 42,839 acts on violation of the rules for using natural gas were drawn up around Azerbaijan for the past year for illegal connection to the gas system, ABC.AZ was informed at gas producer Azerigaz.

Most of the illegal connections to the gas system were registered among the population - 42,520 cases and the rest among the legal entities - 319. However, as a result of those connections, losses were counted for 67.5 million cu m of gas, and 6 million cu m belong to the group of legal entities.

Damage to the gas sector amounted to AZN 6.75 million (including AZN 1.18 million for legal entities). Most of this damage relates to Baku and its suburbs, since only 2,199 acts on violations of the law were drawn up in the districts of the country.

By Elmir Murad