Gas illegally distributed to neighbors in yard - Azerigaz moves to actions


February 24, Fineko/abc.az. SOCAR gas producing sub-company Azerigaz has spred information about illegal connections to the gas system and violations of the law.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to Azerigaz that with the purpose to prevent illegal connections to the gas pipeline Azerigaz was forced to open holes in the columns holding the gas lines.

In most cases for illegal connection a rubber tube is inserted from the ground inside the columns, which is connected to the gas line. Since the connection is self-made, not welded, most of the gas goes into the air at the connection points.

Such cases were registered in the Mashtaga and Nardaran villages of Sabunchu district, Kurdakhani settlement, Khojahasan settlement of Binagadi district, Hokmali settlement of Absheron district, village Zikh of Surakhani district, Bina settlement of Khazar district.

Azerigaz does not have the right to enter the courtyards or look into the apartments of those who illegally use gas. But it is known that gas is distributed to neighbors in the yard, is supplied to greenhouses, in a word, a mini – ‘gas distribution network’ is created.

By Elmir Murad