Azerbaijan and Russia agree to arrange cruises on ‘Peter the Great’ ship


December 28, Fineko/abc.az. Moscow River Shipping Company and Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company have signed the Memorandum on the organization of marine tours.

The Memorandum implies organization of tours on passenger ship ‘Peter the Great’ and was signed by MRSC general director Konstantin Anisimov and ACSC head Rauf Veliyev.

"According to the Memorandum, the first tourists to come to Baku on the Peter the Great ship are expected by the end of 2019. Astrakhan-Baku route is considered as initial for cruises. The number of routes is going to expand by 2020. Among the options to be considered for organizing cruises are the ones to the Black Sea ports, in inland waters of Russia, other ports of the Caspian Sea, via the Moscow-Baku, Astrakhan-Makhachkala-Baku, Baku-Enzeli-Nowshahr-Turkmenbashi-Aktau-Astrakhan," - said in the message.

The ship, which is still under construction and on which tourists can travel to the Black Sea, Russian port-cities and littoral countries, is designed for 310 passengers. Tourists on board will be served by staff of 90 people.