Ali Asadov gives tasks relating to coronavirus - speed of passing procedures on Iranian border has decreased


February 24, Fineko/abc.az. The Cabinet Ministers has published information about the coronavirus epidemic.

The message ABC.AZ received from the Cabinet says that on 28 January 2020, a PM-chaired governmental commission was set up and on 30 January an anti-epidemic action plan was endorsed with the purpose to prevent the threat of coronavirus spreading from China on the territory of Azerbaijan.

From the first day of the outbreak the preventive measures have been taken at all border crossing points in Azerbaijan, including airports.

The Azerbaijani-Iranian border crossing points have transferred to special regime of operation after official data was distributed in recent days on the increase of fatal cases of coronavirus infection in Iran.

Since 22 February sanitary and disinfection works have been conducted at border crossing points. For this reason, the speed of procedures has decreased. Control over transit cargo transportation from the territory of Azerbaijan has also been strengthened. Additional sanitary & disinfection measures are taken further when goods are imported and exported from the country.