Kenan Guluzade: Whether there is coronavirus or not, we keep pursuing our tourism strategy


February 25, Fineko/abc.az. The spread of the coronavirus epidemic in a number of countries has left its mark in the tourism sector, as well as in other spheres. This season, many tourists have arrived in Azerbaijan from China, where the epidemic has spread. But due to the spread of the epidemic, the tourist flow is not expected.

State Tourism Agency’s spokesman Kanan Guluzade stated, when commenting on the occasion in an interview for website ABC.AZ, that the strategy of the Agency and the Tourism Bureau of Azerbaijan, despite all the changes, there are tactical changes related to China.

He points out that this market is temporarily closed for the country and the world: "But our representative office in China is active, and the signed agreements remain in force. In this matter, the State Tourism Agency does not build its strategy situationally. Last year, we did a lot of work related to the expansion of markets, and there are results. The overall growth also indicates this. Our geography has been expanded and new regions have been added. This is our strategy - whether there is coronavirus or not, whether something happened somewhere or not. This strategy is also indicated in Azerbaijan’s Tourism Concept 2018-23. We have six foreign representative offices, and this year we’ll open three new offices."