A New Year discount from Nar: Get even more internet with Unlimited Turbo Bundles!


The customers of Nar have a chance to get even more internet with discounted prices during the holidays. Thus, the users of the operator’s Turbo internet bundles will be able to enjoy the following discounts:

Turbo Se – 1 AZN, 200 MB (*777#02#YES)

Turbo M – 2 AZN, 600 MB (*777#03#YES)

Turbo L– 3 AZN, 1,5 GB (*777#04#YES)

Turbo L+ – 6 AZN, 5 GB (*777#045#YES)

Turbo XL– 9 AZN, 7 GB (*777#05#YES)

Turbo 2XL – 15 AZN, 20 GB (*777#06#YES)

Turbo 3XL – 20 AZN, 40 GB (*777#07#YES)

It should be noted that the campaign will be available for those customers who have activated one of the related bundles in the period of 30 days before 23:59, December 29, 2017. Joining the campaign will be possible only in the period from 11:00, December 29 to 23:59, December 31, 2017. All the customers eligible for participation in this campaign will be notified by means of the relevant SMS notification.


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