Amount of subsidies transferred to farmers` card accounts made public


March 6, Fineko/abc.az. Subsidies in the total amount of AZN 51.3 million have been transferred to the card accounts of farmers who have declared winter crops.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Ministry of Agriculture that as of today (March 6), the subsidies for AZN 51.3 million were transferred to the farm cards of 1,555,537 farmers.

According to the information, upon completion of verification of land data included by farmers in the electronic agricultural information system (EKTIS) and applications for winter crops, cards are ordered in their names, and the amount of subsidies is transferred to card accounts of farmers. In this regard, an SMS message is sent to the farmer's cell phone, and a notification is sent to the electronic personal cabinet.

It is noted that until 6 March 474,520 farmers registered in EKTIS. The total number of households registered in EKTIS reached 596,887. Of them, 361,307 farmers announced winter crops. To date, data from 993,718 hectares of winter crops have been declared in EKTIS.