Agriculture Ministry: Farmers` overdue applications to be checked


March 6, Fineko/abc.az. The process of transferring money to the card accounts of farmers who announced about autumn crops has started, and subsidies for totally AZN 51.3 million have been transferred to the farmers’ accounts to date.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Ministry of Agriculture that the figure associated with acreage is not final.

So, in a few days, the collection of applications from farmers in connection with spring crops will begin as well. In a statement issued by the Ministry, it is noted: "The process will last until the end of May. During this time the farmers who for some reason are not registered in the electronic agricultural information system (EKTIS) or who have not declared about their crops can complete the registration and application process. The overdue applications will also be sent for verification. After the verification procedure is completed, subsidies will be transferred to farmers' card accounts. And the deadline for farmers to announce the next autumn sowing will begin on 1 September."