Expert: Everyone tries to save his assets


March 11, Fineko/ Everyone tries to protect the value of his assets that are on hand – some millions and others 300-500 manats.

ABC.AZ reports that the statement was made by expert economist Rovshan Agayev, when commenting on the growth of demand for the US dollar in the country.

"I'm not saying that people do not miss the opportunity to increase much the value of the assets they have on hand, except for their preservation. This is an extremely characteristic feature of human nature. The argument is, why do you convert money into dollars when you spend it in 2-3 days? If the exchange rate does not change, you will lose 1-2% in the exchange rate. However, there are also drawbacks: even if the rate rises, they will earn, at least, protect their assets from falling. In particular, it should be taken into account that the government suffered a very serious loss of confidence in this issue in 2015. All citizens will appreciate economic processes, not just financially literate people. They even sometimes act at their own discretion, rather than on the advice of professionals," Agayev said.