SOCAR bonds sold at record price


March 13, Fineko/abc.az. The selling price of SOCAR bonds that have been in circulation for more than 3 years in the secondary market rose up to $1,050.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to SOCAR Capital that this price indicator is the highest since the bond issue. The previous record was $1,046.

The main cause of this rise in bond price is high demand and liquidity of bonds. At the same time, making of quarterly interest payments in accordance with the schedule is also another important factor that meets the interests of investors.

SOCAR bonds, circulation term of which will last until 2021, have so far brought income of $16.25 million for their owners.

The volume of operations on the secondary market of SOCAR bonds currently amounts to $187 million, with 2,100 transactions concluded.

The SOCAR bonds, the total issue of which amounts to $100 million, bring annual income of 5%, and interests on them are paid every 3 months. They can also be purchased at ASAN Centers #1 and #5.