Hotel reservations cancelled


March 13, Fineko/ The Small & Medium-sized Business Development Agency (KOBIA) has organized a meeting with entrepreneurs working in the tourism sector to study the impact of the world-wide coronavirus infection (COVID-19) on the tourism sector of Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that the meeting was attended by representatives of the State Tourism Agency, the Tourism & Services Commission of the National Confederation of Business Organizations (Employers), various associations operating in the tourism sector, as well as representatives of travel agencies.

During the meeting it was noted that the internal and external tourist flow is reducing because of coronavirus, previously-ordered tours and hotel reservations are canceled, and the revenue of the tourism sector is lost due to the delay of various events, particularly events relating to spring holiday Novruz Bayrami.

At the meeting a survey was also conducted among entrepreneurs to assess the impact of coronavirus on business activities.

The proposals made at the meeting and the results of the survey will be summarized and submitted to the relevant bodies.

By Elmir Murad