Salaries have grown, mainly for financial sector employees


March 16, Fineko/abc.az. As of 1 February 2020 the number of employees has increased compared with the same period of last year.

So, during the reported term the quantity of employees grew by 117,200 people (by 7.7%) up to 1.64 million.

ABC.AZ reports that according to the State Statistics Committee, 911,900 hired workers worked in the state sector of the economy and 729,100 in the non-state sector.

20.5% of hired workers were employed in education, 18.0% in trade; in vehicle repair, 13.2% in industry, 8.2% in health and social services, 7.2% in construction, 6.9% in public administration and protection; social security, 4.6% in transport and warehousing, 3.4% in professional scientific and technical activities, 3.3% in agriculture, forestry and fishing, 1.7% in finance and insurance, and 13.0% in other economic sectors.

In January 2020 the average monthly nominal salary of employees increased by 27.8% (versus January 2019) up to 712.1 manats. Average monthly nominal wages have become even higher in the areas of mining, finance and insurance, professional, scientific and technical activities, information and communication, transport and warehousing, and construction.