Oil prices keep on falling, Azeri Light fell in cost by $0.20


March 18, Fineko/abc.az. After falling on Tuesday, oil prices continue their declining in Wednesday's trading.

Following the trading on 17 March at the London ICE Futures Exchange, May’s futures for Brent oil decreaesd in price by $1.32 (4.4%) to $28.73 per barrel - the lowest price since February 2016.

By 9:50 am, Brent futures for May declined by $0.08 (0.28%) to $28.65 per barrel.

At the end of trading on 17 March at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), April’s WTI oil futures dropped in price by $1.75 (6.1%) to the lowest level since February 2016 - $26.95 per barrel.

By 9:50 am, WTI futures for April fell by $0.37 (1.37%) to $26.58 per barrel.

Azerbaijani crude oil Azeri Light declined in price by $0.20 (0.68%) to $29.17 per barrel.