President Ilham Aliyev told about coronavirus: Crisis in most developed countries is now evident


March 18, Fineko/abc.az. As it was reported previously the Azerbaijani leader took part in the opening of part of the Absheron district railway line Pirshagi-Goradil-Novkhani-Sumgait after its reconstruction.

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev positively assessed the work in the field of transport. He also tasked to pay great attention to the disinfection of railway cars. The president noted that in the current conditions, the main task is to disinfect rail cars.

According to the president, large attention should be paid to this sector: "As the whole world is now suffering from coronavirus. Azerbaijan has taken preventive measures in this direction. That’s why the coronavirus in our country is currently not so widespread. But this is such a disaster that no country can consider itself completely immune from it. Even in the most developed countries, the crisis is now evident. Therefore, every citizen should be responsible and pay attention to personal hygiene. At the same time, institutions engaged in public works and public transport should bear full responsibility for this work, carry out complete disinfection, so that there are not so many cases of infection.

Of course, our borders are currently closed. However, no country has closed its borders to cargo transportation. Therefore, our work in the direction of cargo transportation will continue. I’m sure our state and people will also come out of this trial."