Azercell is ready to cover subscribers need for high-speed mobile Internet across the regions


March 20, Fineko/abc.az.  Committing to connect its customers closer to the world through the next-generation digital solutions, Azercell is ready to cover subscribers ' needs for high-speed mobile Internet which has sharply increased due to the current global situation. 

Along with the introduction of advanced technological innovations, such as 5G, Azercell continues to develop the 4G network in all regions of the country. Starting from December 2018, Azercell managed to increase its geographic coverage of 4G by 366% and got a 120% growth in the coverage of the population by the end of 2019. Overall, 1617 new base stations had been installed by the company, including 1217 of them working on the 4G network. The volume of Internet traffic transmitted through Azercell networks increased by 304%, which proved the growth in consumption by the expansion of the communication quality.

Offering huge capacity scaling and market-leading latency and connectivity, Nokia Air Scale Radio Access achieves all this success and more by running all technologies in the same radio access. Air Scale Radio Access is an industry-first commercial end-to-end solution that will enable Azercell to smoothly and easily upgrade to 5G in the nearest future.

“Nokia understands the needs of the Caspian telecom market, and we continue to lead in developing full end-to-end solutions. We are happy to provide our latest innovations and technology, ensuring a smooth evolution to the 5G technology in Azerbaijan”, stated by Cankurt Ugurlu, Nokia Customer Team Head in Caspian Countries. 


“With more than 4.5 million customers, Azercell has improved and expanded its 4G network across the country to provide its population with equal technological opportunities and the latest innovations through its high-speed Internet. It is worth mentioning that European benchmarking test conducted by “Systemics” in Azerbaijan confirmed that Azercell provided the highest quality of 4G services in all the regions of the country.”- said Marat Hamidov, Chief Technology Officer of Azercell.


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