Nar donated half a million AZN to Fund to Support Fight Against Coronavirus and provided medical staff and patients with free communication


March 22, Fineko/abc.az.  The mobile operator Nar donated half a million AZN to the Fund to Support Fight Against Coronavirus joining the call by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev. The Fund aims to stem the spread of coronavirus and provide financial assistance to measures being implemented in order to prevent the spread of the infection in Azerbaijan.

Supporting the actions to fight the spread of global pandemics, Nar provided free mobile communication to medical staff fighting coronavirus and to the patients under medical supervision, so that they stay in touch with their friends and families. Together with TABIB, Nar payment cards of 50 AZN were distributed in the medical centers and quarantine hospitals.

Nar has taken further important steps to support coronavirus prevention activities. As such, Nar customers can call 1542 TABIB hotline for free and get effective customer care via “Nar+” app and official social media channels of the mobile operator, while staying at home. Meanwhile, customers can take advantage of the hotline 777 Customer Care which serves 24/7 in an enhanced mode.

Nar calls everyone to follow and support the instructions by Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers and mobilize all efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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