State Road Transport Service applies to drivers: You are at a risk group


March 29, Fineko/abc.az. Today, the most vulnerable risk group in Azerbaijan is drivers.

ABC.AZ reports that the relevant statement was made by the head of the Public Relations Office of the State Road Transport Service, Nurida Allahyarova, in her address to drivers.

She recalls a number of important factors that need to be taken: "We ask you to follow the rules for the safety of your health! Use masks and gloves while on duty! Only by following the rules you will support our government, which mobilizes all forces to prevent the epidemic, protecting yourself, passengers and your family members. Let me remind you that in accordance with Article 211 of the Administrative Offences Code, individuals are liable to a fine of 100 manats to 200 manats for violations of the anti-epidemic, sanitary-hygienic and quarantine regimes, officials are liable to a fine of 1,500 to 2,000 manats, or, in the circumstances of the case, taking into account the person who committed the violation, administrative arrest for up to one month, and legal entities are liable to a fine of 2,000 up to 5,000 manats. In this regard, if the relevant structures apply the enforcement mechanism, let's be among those who follow the rules without getting punished!»

It should be noted that special quarantine regime has been strengthened in Azerbaijan since today.


By Elmir Murad