The admission to doctorate and PhD has already begun at UNEC


The admission is carried out on the doctoral and PhD studies program for the preparation of doctors of philosophy and science in intramural and correspondence education departments, at the same time on the PhD studies program on the “internal fiscal policy and the state finances”, “econometrics-economical statistics”, “accounting”, “economic theory”, “general economics”, “the world economy”, “the technology of food-products”, “machines, equipment and processes” and “the organization of production (on the diversified fields)” specialties, as well.

The citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, graduated from the masters level of higher education or the graduates of the equated to this education are admitted to the doctorate level of education. The candidates participating in the selection process should have the certain achievements in the field of relevant research, scientific and scientific-pedagogical work experience. The candidates, who had published their articles in the high-profile international magazines will be preferred.

Wishing to be admitted to the intramural form of education and correspondence departments of the doctoral studies on PhD program should take the admission exams in the choosen speciality, foreign language and philosophy in the level of educational programs available for the masters degree of education.

Reception of the documents for the doctorate and PhD studies program is carried out till January 22, 2018 within I-V days of every week from 10.00 to 16.00. The admission exams will start on January 26.

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