Government to pay rent and social costs as business support


March 30, Fineko/abc.az. Business support is provided to minimize the impact of coronavirus. The relevant proposals say that businessmen will be supported in reducing customs duties, benefits on loans, rent and wages.

ABC.AZ reports that the proposals were made during discussions in the working groups established by the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan for support of businesses.

Thus, the package envisages tax incentives, exemption of certain types of imported products from customs duties, freezing for a certain time the accrual of interests by banks on loans, postponing the payment of principal on loans, partial or full subsidization of rental expenses and social insurance payments, the application of benefits for paying bills for gas, electricity, water and other utilities, postponing payments to a later date, and providing state support to employers and employees.

The proposals say that rent and social security costs will be fully or partially paid by the state.

Among the proposals are the introduction of benefits and deferred payments for water, electricity, gas and other public utilities. One of the interesting proposals is to provide state support to employers and employees.