A survey has shown rise in prices for foods and vegetables


April 2, Fineko/abc.az. Markets are seeing an increase in prices for some foods and vegetables.

According to ABC.AZ’s study in several markets, the price increase has started in the last few weeks.

For example, potatoes sold last week for 70-80 gapiks are currently traded at 1.20 manats or 1.30 manats.

Along with potatoes, such vegetables as cabbage, garlic, beets and carrots have risen in price. For example, garlic used to cost 4 or 5 manats per kg, but now it is impossible to find it at this price. Garlic is at best sold for 7.50 manats.

Soap, shampoo, detergents, toothpastes and other similar products also rose slightly in price.

For example, shampoo Pantene Pro-V, which was previously sold for 3.40 manats, is now offered to customers for 3.90 manats or even more expensive.

Prices for rice and pasta are also slightly inflated.

This was the price of a number of products we presented to you. But it is clear that the price growth is increasingly spreading to all products.

The study was conducted in the markets in Binagadi.

By Elmir Murad