Road Agency`s chair unveils date of work completion within Baku-Sumgait road project


April 3, Fineko/abc.az. We’ve been expanding roads for the fifth month, starting from the 7th km of highway Baku - Guba - state border with the Russian Federation, to the 14th km of the Masazir bridge. Here, our main goal was to expand the existing four-lane highway, starting from the exit from tunnel Shemakhinka – the 20th January Circle.

ABC.AZ reports that the above-said statement was made by Saleh Mammadov, the chairman of board of the State Motor Road Agency.

According to Mammadov, construction of a new tunnel has begun on the Khirdalan Circle: "Cars from the center will only move in the direction of Baku - Guba - the state border with the Russian Federation. And the direction of traffic from the 20th January Circle will be divided by road signs. That is, cars in the direction of Binagadi, Balajari, in addition, Masazir and Sumgait will move in two lanes on the right side. In part of the Khirdalan Circle of the road, we opened a new tunnel with length of 495 m and two traffic lanes with width of 7.5 m. The newly-constructed tunnel is 9 m wide. In addition, we’ve made another innovation: we’ave restricted the access of cars from Shemakha, Khojasan and Lokbatan directly to the 20th January Circle. In this part, we’ve already completed 80% of the work. We’ll probably complete it by the end of May."

By Elmir Murad