Individuals who want to get money from government must make this step


April 7, Fineko/abc.az. The Ministry of Economy has announced the terms of payment of money to contract workers.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Ministry that the financial support will also be given to individual (micro) entrepreneurs whose activities have been affected by the pandemic. This measure envisages state financial support for AZN 80 million to 300,000 individual entrepreneurs engaged in business activities in the spheres affected by the pandemic.

This financial assistance will cover the taxpayers who paid taxes, contributions to mandatory state social insurance and unemployment insurance premiums in 2019.

In order to provide financial support for the shortest possible time, individual entrepreneurs need to contact the Internet tax office (www.e-taxes.gov.az) through existing e-offices and funds allocated from the State Budget are transferred to the bank accounts of these individual entrepreneurs.

If there is an order on the bank accounts of the individual entrepreneur taxpayer, relating to arrears on the State Budget or state extra-budgetary funds, the Bank will be given an appropriate instruction not to freeze or not to write off the transferred funds, and the allocated funds will be sent to the addressees.

The maps of processes have been developed to reflect the exact mechanism for performing this work, and in the near future detailed information about this will be delivered to both employers and individual entrepreneurs through their personal e-offices, SMS and notifications.

Currently, the Ministry is finalizing the process of clarifying the list of employees, as well as individual entrepreneurs working on an employment contract in the areas affected by the pandemic.