Legalized capital may lead to an increase in economic activity - Forecast


April 7, Fineko/abc.az. A forecast has been made about amnesty of property and capital in Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that Gasimli noted that as a result of the amnesty, legalized capital can lead to an increase in investments in the country, the development of the securities market, the revival of the banking sector, the growth of non-cash turnover, the growth of budget revenues and increased economic activity:

"For this it is necessary to determine the form, conditions, duration, goals, scope of the amnesty and, most importantly, to provide an environment of mutual trust. The amnesty of capital and income should be implemented in such a way that the declared funds could be made as investments. For example, the orientation of the declared capital to construction currently has the power for creation of a greater multiplier effect.

The declared funds can be directed for the real economy by banks, investment funds, market makers' institutes, investment companies, exchanges, Fintech companies, investment banks, industrial parks, agroparks, technoparks and other means."