Alexander Lukashenko: Coronavirus is a secondary matter, food is main issue


April 8, Fineko/abc.az. Oil is oil, but you can't put it on the table. The issue of nutrition, as I’ve already said, is a serious problem. Therefore, I demand that the sowing campaign be completed as soon as possible.

ABC.AZ reports that the above-said statement was made by President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, speaking about the damage caused by the influence of the coronavirus.

According to local media, the Belarusian leader noted that during the year it is necessary to take up agricultural work as seriously as possible: "This is the number one task. Coronavirus is a secondary issue. Quarantine, curfew and so on are the easiest steps, we can do it within 24 hours, so what are we going to eat? The main thing is food."

Alexander Lukashenko, drawing attention to the ongoing famine in the world, said that a number of countries are already sounding the alarm: "Not only international organizations, but also the heads of separate states are talking about famine in the near future. Everyone is talking about it now. Even the leaders of the most developed countries. Therefore, agriculture, especially the current sowing campaign, is the most important factor that we should pay attention to.”

By Elmir Murad