Explanation for persons receiving state salaries - SMS messages to be sent to their cell phones


April 8, Fineko/abc.az. The mechanism for paying a certain part of wages to employees working on an employment contract has been unveiled.

ABC.AZ reports that based on the mechanism, all registered taxpayers will be notified about the "Financial Support Program in connection with the pandemic" in their personal e-mail account and SMS to their mobile phones.

Taxpayers must fill out the application form in e-form in the appropriate subsection in the Internet Tax Office in the personal account in the subsection "Financial Support Program in connection with the pandemic” in subsection “Application for Remuneration”.

In the application form, the register data (name, TIN, bank accounts of the taxpayer, the number of its employees under labor contracts as of 1 March and the date of application) will be automatically reflected. Taxpayers must fill in the online application for additional information about the areas of activity affected by the pandemic, economic entities (objects), the number of employees in the affected area, and the salary fund. This data is checked automatically with the basic accounting data.