Money designed for unemployed transferred to accounts - SMS message recipients can withdraw their money


April 10, Fineko/abc.az. Payment of lump-sum cash sums to the unemployed has been launched. For the first time, a lump-sum payment for 10,000 unemployed people was transferred to bank branches and post offices.

ABC.AZ reports with a link to the Ministry of Labor & Social Protection that an SMS message will be sent to the phone number specified when submitting the application for lump-sum payment. Only after receiving such a message, the unemployed (after obtaining a preliminary permission to leave the house) can apply with an ID to any post office, if the SMS indicates Azerpoct LLC, and if the SMS indicates a bank, then to any branch of this bank.

Giving of payments will continue on the daily basis, and other unemployed and registered persons will also be provided with this payment.