ISB warns: Drivers who do not follow these rules to be penalized


April 13, Fineko/abc.az. The Compulsory Insurers Bureau (ISB) has published a statement about certificates for motor vehicles.

ABC.AZ. reports with reference to the ISB that according to the statement, certificates of mandatory vehicle insurance are issued online.

For this the vehicle owner does not need to come to the insurance company. The ISB stated that the decision of the State Traffic Police Department to suspend the process of detecting cars in traffic under quarantine with special technical means, announced in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, does not cover the expired compulsory insurance contracts.

If the term of the compulsory car insurance contract has expired and the driver nevertheless continues to drive the vehicle, this vehicle will be detected by special technical means. A fine will be imposed in the appropriate order.

Since there are no restrictions on the activities of insurance companies during the quarantine period, the ISB encourages drivers to obtain online certificates of compulsory vehicle insurance.

By Elmir Murad