Restaurants to operate in this order after quarantine


April 29, Fineko/abc.az. The distance between tables should be more than 1.5 m in the restaurants, cafes and other public catering establishments whose activity is expected to resume in Azerbaijan under conditions of the relaxed quarantine regime.

ABC.AZ reports that according to the rules prepared by the Food Safety Agency, the personnel at these facilities must be provided with clean work clothes, gloves, headwear and other hygiene accessories. Before starting work, during work, before contacting food, equipment, dishes and towels, the hands of employees should be thoroughly washed. It is also important that the nails are clean and not painted.

After each work shift, employees must change their uniforms. In addition, employees, especially those working in the kitchen, should wear special work clothes, and daily household clothing should not be used during work.

In case of contact with food, the catering facility employee should wear hats and gloves. When washing dishes, it is important to use rubber gloves intended for single use.