2,500 tons of potatoes sold to Russia


April 30, Fineko/abc.az. About 2,500 tons of potatoes harvested in Jalilabad were sent to Russian markets.

ABC.AZ reports that potatoes were sown on an area of about 5,300 hectares in Jalilabad this year for spring sowin,.

About 500 hectares of them are potato fields grown under cover. Farmers who currently receive 14-15 tons of potatoes per hectare are happy with the harvest.

According to the Jalilabad State Center for Agricultural Development, last year about 70% of the products raised by farmers were sent to the Russian markets and net profit of over AZN 20 million was received. Despite the current quarantine regime, there are no problems in the production and export of agricultural products. Farmers are engaged in farming on their land plots.