What VAT is not refundable? - Statement


May 4, Fineko/abc.az. The details of the matter of the refund of part of VAT paid for goods purchased at retail or catering facilities have been disclosed.

ABC.AZ reports that Elchin Mammadov, the head of the Main Department of the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy, speaking about the date of refund, noted that the data on the receipt of the cash register entered by the consumer into the system is checked for compliance with the data of the State Tax Service’s database.

According to Mammadov, confirmation of the receipt of the cash register is immediately reflected in the consumer's e-Cabinet: "30 days after the receipt is printed, 15% of the VAT amount on non-cash payments, 10% on cash payments is sent to the virtual wallet created by the client bank when opening the recipient's e-Cabinet. With the collected funds, users can pay for utilities, mobile phone, Internet, TV, fines and insurance, as well as make transfers to internal bank cards. As a financial partner of the project, Kapital Bank does not apply a commission on transactions related to VAT refunds. Refunds are made in full to the virtual wallet (when transferring and cashing funds to bank cards, exceptions may be applied in accordance with the tariff column of the corresponding bank). These rules apply for the refund of part of VAT paid for goods or services purchased in supermarkets and other retail outlets, restaurants and cafes. VAT paid when purchasing petroleum products at gas stations is not refundable."