Data unveiled on entrepreneurs who applied for financial support


May 7, Fineko/abc.az. 26,245 taxpayers and 96,625 individual (micro) entrepreneurs (totally 122,870 taxpayers) have applied for financing to cover a certain part of wages of their employees.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Ministry of Economy that the latter considered and endorsed the appeals from 26,245 entrepreneurs on the occasion of this financial aid designed for payment of employee wages. The endorsed documents have been submitted to the Ministry of Finance for transfer of the allocated finances to bank accounts and payment of wages of 251,101 employees.

The Economy Ministry continues considering relevant appeals of other taxpayers. So far, the amount of financial support on the approved applications has totaled AZN 86.8 million, including AZN 43.4 million within the 1st stage of financial aid. On 6 May the State Treasury Agency of the Ministry of Finance ensured the transfer of AZN 42.8 million to 21,316 taxpayers on wages of 189,258 employees.

As part of the program of financial support to individual (micro) entrepreneurs, 87,007 appeals from entrepreneurs have been reviewed, approved and submitted to the Finance Ministry for transferring financial aid to bank accounts of applied entrepreneurs. The amount of financial support on the endrosed applications is AZN 52.8 million. The State Treasury Agency ensured transfer of AZN 51.5 million to the bank accounts of 84,117 individual (micro) entrepreneurs.