Azerbaijan increases tobacco production - new crops planted in northern region


May 7, Fineko/abc.az. Azertutun ASK LLC plans to plant tobacco Virginia Botanical on 1,583.7 hectare area in the Zagatala, Balaken, Gakh and Sheki districts in 2020.

ABC.AZ reports that, in this regard, relevant contracts have been signed this year with 189 farmers of the above-said districts.

Greenhouses with a total area of 37,266 sq m have been prepared for growing tobacco seedlings, and seeds sown on an area of 36,369 sq m. To date, the first plowing on 1,468.7 hectares for planting tobacco has been conducted. 1,150.7 ha of arable land was plowed, 1,081.4 ha was harrowed and 983.2 ha was furrowed. At the same time, fertilizers were loaded on 879.1 hectares. To date, farmers have transplanted tobacco seedlings on 784.2 hectares. This is 52.3% of the planned tobacco planting area. It is preferable to use the technique when transplanting seedlings.