Deputy Chairman: Closure of AtaBank did not create difficulties for AtaSigorta


May 8, Fineko/abc.az. Information has spread in the society that allegedly most of the deposits of the closed AtaBank are insured in AtaSigorta, even the shareholder of this insurance company is AtaBank, and that allegedly this information will negatively affect the activities of the insurance company.

AtaSigorta’s first deputy chairman of board Goshgar Hasanov has clarified the matter.

In his explanation he stated for news agency ABC.AZ that the closure of Atabank does not create any difficulties and does not have a negative impact on them.

Hasanov noted that AtaBank is not their shareholder: "Atabank belongs to the Synergy Group. Our shareholder is Ata Holdinq. AtaBank has nothing to do with AtaSigorta. As for their insurance, AtaBank cooperated with all insurance companies. In other words, all insurance companies insured products on the necessary types. We have no problem insuring any of their products. All mortgage loans are transferred to the relevant banks through the Mortgage & Credit Guarantee Fund. And after that, which insurance company is chosen as the client, mortgage insurance continues with this company."