Baku Stock Exchange's turnover increased 2.4-fold for 2017


January 12, Fineko/ Baku Stock Exchange's turnover increased by 2.4 times last year compared with 2016.

The BSE informs that its turnover on all financial instruments reached AZN 13.618 million on 87,334 deals.

Turnover of derivatives totaled AZN 5.9 bn on 83,722 transactions. Of them, 75,316 currency transactions in the amount of AZN 5.5 bn and 8,406 deals with goods for AZN 401 million.

Turnover of government securities amounted to 1,096 transactions for AZN 6.066 bn with growth of 7.26-fold, compared with 2016. Of them, the share of Finance Ministry’s bonds makes up 839.418 million and Central Bank’s notes for AZN 5.227 bn.

Turnover on the shares market amounted to AZN 709.609 million, debt instruments AZN 858.315 million, repo transactions AZN 51.55 million.

In 2016 the BSE turnover amounted to AZN 5.696 bn on 48,729 transactions versus AZN 8.455 bn on 53,367 transactions in 2015. The driver was derivatives, whose volume fell by 28.3%. In 2016, they formed the basis of the BSE turnover – AZN 4.44 bn on 45,833 deals versus AZN 6.19 bn on 48,814 transactions in 2015.