Payment points under installation on this highway


May 12, Fineko/abc.az. Construction of new road M-1 Baku-Guba-state border with the Russian Federation, starting from the Z.A.Tagiyev settlement, which is part of international transport corridor North-South, continues at rapid pace.

ABC.AZ was informed at the State Motor Road Agency of Azerbaijan that construction work is finishing to the end on the 30th km between the Yashma and Gilazi settlements of Khizi district and on the 58th km between Gendov village of Shabran district and Samur settlement of Gusar district (border of Russia).

"In general, the work is completed on the first part (0-30 km). In this part of the road, which was designed, the 1st layer of the leveling layer, the main layer and the asphalt concrete pavement was built. The construction of bridges, tunnels and culverts has also been completed, including the communication works envisaged by the project. The final parts of the construction of the new highway are currently being taken in the direction of installing payment points. There will be 4 checkpoints in each direction of traffic. One of them will provide quick transition of vehicles, and the other - the usual. The fee for using the new trunk road is provided in a different amount for each kilometer of trucks and cars. Currently, consultations are being held with the relevant structures to determine the payment amount.