Statistics unveiled on financial aid to entrepreneurs


May 15, Fineko/abc.az. So far, 132,500 companies and entrepreneurs affected by the coronavirus have applied to the state for help.

ABC.AZ reports that 27,276 taxpayers and 105,225 individual (micro) entrepreneurs (a total of 132,501 taxpayers) applied for financial support to the Ministry of Economy for payment of part of the salary to employees.

As a whole, 255,713 employees applied for payment of wages, of which 27,267 entrepreneurs' requests were reviewed and approved, and then sent to the Ministry of Finance for transfer of relevant financing. So far, the amount of financial support on the approved applications reached AZN 92.44 million, including the money to be paid for the 2nd month amounted to AZN 46.22 million. On 14 May the State Treasury Agency of the Ministry of Finance provided the transfer of AZN 61.77 million to 22,431 taxpayers for payment of wages of 196,553 hired employees.

As part of the program for providing financial support to individual (micro) entrepreneurs, 105,225 appeals from taxpayers were received, 97,527 requests were reviewed and approved, and submitted to the Finance Ministry for transferring the financial support to employers’ bank accounts. The amount of financial support on the endorsed applications is AZN 57.29 million. As of 14 May the Treasury Agency has already ensured the transfer of AZN 55.05 million to the bank accounts of 93,035 individual (micro) entrepreneurs.