MP Vugar Bayramov: One more condition for targeted social aid to be relaxed


May 18, Fineko/abc.az. When applying for state targeted social assistance, it would be advisable to increase the limits set in connection with the share of utility costs.

ABC.AZ was informed about that by MP Vugar Bayramov.

The MP recommended taking this into account in the law during Committee’s discussions in the Parliament.

According to Bayramov, if the recommendations are adopted, it may create an opportunity to apply for TSA for a larger number of low-income families: "Currently, such families cannot apply for TSA if utility costs per capita exceed 10% of the subsistence minimum. In other words, for applying for TSA the amount of utility expenses per person in the family should not exceed 19 manats per month. During the discussion at the Committee’s meeting the Ministry of Labor & Social Protection reported that negotiations are underway to increase the share of utility costs. After the changes are passed, this limit will be increased from 19 to 27 manats. This means that the limit on utility expenses in a four-member family will be increased from 76 to 108 manats. This will allow us to assign TSA for more low-income families."