Cargo transportation via Baku Sea Trade Port increased by one third for 2017


January 15, Fineko/abc.az. The Baku International Sea Trade Port has reported about transportation of 4.4 million tons of cargo through the Port in 2017.

The BISTP informs that over the past year cargo carriages (excluding oil terminal) increased by 31%, and 85.7% of turnover accounted for transit.

"In 2017, the highest growth was shown in rail cargo and passenger transportation. So, transshipment of car loads grew by 26.4% up to 46,679 wagons. 19,493 wagons (41.8%) moved in direction Baku-Turkmenbashi-Baku, 6,124 ones (13.1%) via route Baku-Aktau-Baku, 21,062 ones (45.1%) via route Baku-Kuryk-Baku. Passenger transportation to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan increased by 41.4% up to 33,129 people," the Port said.

The number of trucks using the services of the Baku Port grew by 21.4% up to 28,584 vehicles. The volume of container traffic in 2017 reached 15,337 containers equivalent to 20-feet containers (TEU).

"In 2017 transportation mainly in the cargo terminal increased by 44.6% (compared to 2016) up to 607,700 tons, most of which fell on the share of transit container carriages," the BISTP said.