Bank Respublika`s share distribution undergoes changes


May 31, Fineko/ Bank Respublika has reported about some changes in the number of its shareholders and the share distribution, ABC.AZ informs with reference to the Bank's financial statements.

In particular, the equity stake of Sevda Guliyeva, controlling 7.41% of BR’s shares, transferred to Namig Guliyev (a new shareholder), the share of Saday Guliyev, controlling a 7.32% equity stake, to Elchin Guliyev (a member of the BR Supervisory Board), and Natig Guliyev (a BR Supervisory Board member) received the share of the late Mariya Guliyeva, controlling a 7.17% stake.

In addition, Namig Guliyev also received 0.02% of the Bank's minority shareholders' shares. Thus, his share increased from 43.96% up to 51.15%, and Elchin Guliyev's stake grew from 7.74% up to 15.06%. Instead, the share of the minority shareholders fell from 0.1% to 0.08%.

The shares of German investment company DEG and Sparkassen International Development Trust, as well as BR Supervisory Board chairman Shakir Rahimov remained unchanged - 16.6%, 4.25% and 5.45%, respectively.

Bank Respublika was established in 1992.