Azerbaijan unveils list of 6 insurers with lowered premiums for Jan-Apr 2020


June 1, Fineko/ For the first 4 months of the year six insurance companies observed a decline in their gathered premiums in Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that Ateshgah Sigorta observed the reduction of 24.4% in its quite large amount of collected premiums.

The decrease in premiums did not spare Ata Sigorta as well. Thus, the premiums of this insurer decreased by 16.3%, while its counterparts observed the premium decline as follows: Mega Sigorta - by 14.6%, Azsigorta - by 11.4%, and Xalq Sigorta - by 7.6%.

If you look at the amounts, the largest fall was recorded on Ateshgah Sigorta (AZN 2.9 million) and Mega Sigorta (AZN 1.6 million).