WhatsApp users warned about new profile theft scheme


June 2, Fineko/abc.az. Users of the WhatsApp messenger have been warned about a new scheme by which fraudsters can gain access to their accounts.

ABC.AZ reports that this information was distributed by Forbes.

According to information, the theft of profiles became possible due to linking to a phone number and SMS verification used by the messenger.

Until now, the hack relied on tricking users into giving up their SMS verification codes to a supposed friend or contact. This was a trick. What is happening behind the scenes is that an attacker has already hijacked a friend’s WhatsApp or Facebook account. They then send you a message along the lines of “my SMS isn’t working, WhatsApp need to send a code and can’t, so I’ve asked them to send it to you instead. Please forward it on.”

In such a way attackers hijack your account.