STP starts exporting aluminum profiles to Kazakhstan first time


June 2, Fineko/abc.az. The Sumgait Technological Park (STP) has sent the first 20 tons of products to the Kazakh city of Almaty, ABC.AZ was informed at STP.

"Although STP carried out a number of export operations to Kazakhstan, it was the first time it exported aluminum profiles to this country. Last month, the technopark, along with Kazakhstan, exported aluminum profiles and blanks to Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine. Along with the countries listed, STP has so far exported aluminum profiles and blanks to countries such as Denmark, Poland, Estonia and Greece. STP continues to explore foreign markets in order to expand the export of aluminum profiles.

Currently, negotiations are underway with potential clients in Ukraine, Russia, and Spain. In the near future, there is a great opportunity and potential for exports to these countries," STP reported.